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Course Name : React JS

Overview :

React (sometimes spelled React.js or ReactJS) is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries to develop powerful, interactive web applications. You’ll learn how to start with React and build up to dynamic user interfaces. You’ll work with React specific concepts like: JSX, components, state, props, hooks, and more. Take this course to gain an edge as a front-end or full-stack web developer.

Language :

Marathi, Hindi, English

Requirement / Prerequisite

1. 1. All you need is computer & Internet connection 2. Willingness to learn.

Who This Course Is For :

1. Anyone who is willing to learn React from scratch Anyone who want ot develop an application with React Anybody who has completed JavaScript and want to extend their skills


React JS

Duration : 2 Months

This Course Includes

1. 1. Trainer-led sessions. 2. Effective Resume Building. 3. Mock Interviews and Interview Preparations. 4. Training Material. 5. Industry Level Projects. 6. Course Completion Certificate.

React JS Syllabus (1).pdf